Champions of the Sapphire Throne - 1499 through 1509


  • The Topaz Championship was held in the Crane Clan town of Tsuma, where Kakita Kenichi defeated Kakita Amiko in an iaijutsu duel to claim the title. While attending the event, Matsu Hoketsaku, who was both the Emerald Champion and Lion Clan Champion, was killed by Tsume Kenji in retaliation for the Tsume family being disbanded during the War of Bleeding Flowers. It was agreed that Hoketsaku’s young son, Matsu Nimoro, would become the Lion Clan Champion following his father’s death.


  • A grand tournament was held to determine who would succeed Matsu Hoketsaku as the Emerald Champion. Representative of all the Great Clans took part, but it was eventually won by Kitsuki Jiro.


  • While visiting Friendly Traveller Village, Daidoji Hayashi, the Daidoji family daimyo, was killed by degenerate humans who lived in a nearby swamp. Investigations determined that the degenerates had been encouraged to kill Hayashi by someone calling themselves Kageko.
  • While trying to lift a curse on his family, Toritaka Yamamiya accidentally released Moto Yoshi, one of the Dark Moto, from his centuries of imprisonment.
  • Kaiu Sumata, discovered the location of Renkai’s Helm, an artefact symbolising peace between the Dragon Clan and the Crane Clan. A group of sohei monks wearing the Spider Clan mon attempted to steal the helm, but were unsuccessful.


  • A group called The Sons of Destiny attempted to kidnap a young boy named Koe but were unsuccessful. The Sons of Destiny believed that the Fortunes should not be worshipped, as they were once mortals, and that anyone can claim the power to be gods. However, the Obsidian Dragon had also taken an interest in Koe, and orchestrated a plot to possess the boy. A group of magistrates prevented this possession, but at the cost of Koe’s life.
  • The Mantis Clan were successful in petitioning the Emperor to allow trade talks with the Thrane. Previously this right had been the Tortoise Clan’s alone, and this decision caused some concern amongst the Minor Clan that the Mantis would form a monopoly with the gaijin.


  • While touring the Empire, the eldest sons of Toturi XII, Toturi Hatsu and Toturi Kobashi, sacrificed their lives to allow their younger sister, Toturi Chisa, to escape a pack of Tsuno. Afterwards, Chisa claimed that someone called “Kageko” had taken her from the camp and delivered her to the Tsuno.
  • The Emperor retrieved the bodies of his two sons to return to the Imperial Capital but, before they could reach the city, they were attacked first by Spider Clan monks, and then the remnants of the Tsuno pack. The Imperial party successfully drove off both threats, but it was noticed that the Spider Clan monks focused their attacks only on Miya Shikan, and also fought against the Tsuno when they arrived.
  • Mirumoto Jinzaki, the Mirumoto daimyo, announced his retirement at the Imperial Funeral. Without an heir of his own, it was decided that control of the Mirumoto family would be determined with a tournament to be held in two years time.
  • The Oracle of Water revealed to Togashi Kane that the Empress had been unfaithful to the Emperor, and that he was the first son of her union with Mirumoto Jinzaki. This information cast doubt on the lineage of all of the Emperor’s children, and Togashi Kane decided to keep this information secret until he could decide how best to reveal it.


  • The Crab Clan were successful in retrieving the long lost tetsubo of Hida from the Shadowlands. During the celebrations held for its return Hida Masakazu choked to death, leaving the Clan to be ruled by his cruel son, Hida Gojiro.
  • Doji Sarutomo, the Crane Clan Champion, committed seppuku during Winter Court under mysterious circumstances. Sarutomo’s mother, O-Doji Koneko announced her long overdue retirement, and that the Crane Clan would be ruled by Kakita Saburashi, the Kakita Family daimyo, until Sarutomo’s son came of age.


  • While visiting the Burning Sands, a group of magistrates learned of a connection between Al Azar, an evil undead sorcerer, and Miya Shikan. While the specifics of the connection was unclear, it was thought that Shikan may have undergone the same ritual that made Al Azar undead.
  • Mirumoto Daikabe became the Mirumoto daiymo after beating Mirumoto Kanjo in a duel. A group of magistrates prevented Mirumoto Daikabe being assassinated by Kageko, and succeeded in killing the assassin. Kageko killed himself with an explosive device, but not before the magistrates realised he looked exactly like Miya Hanzu, Miya Shikan’s assistant.
  • For the last few years, tensions between the Crab Clan and the Hare Clan had been high, due to the Hare asking the Crab, Scorpion and Phoenix Clans for help creating a shugenja school to help root out bloodspeakers. The Crab Clan felt that they should have been approached alone in this endeavor. The Phoenix Clan had withdrawn their support, but the Scorpion Clan refused, stating they were fully behind the Hare Clan. While this had not progressed beyond border skirmishes previously, Hida Gojiro announced the Clan’s intention to go to war with the Hare Clan the following Summer. The Scorpion announced they would fight on behalf of the Hare, and both sides gathered support from the other Great Clans.
  • Miya Shikan attempted to block the Crab Clan’s attempt to go to war, but he was prevented from doing so by the actions of Otomo Kazuma, the newly appointed Imperial Advisor.


  • The Phoenix Clan sent a group of samurai including Isawa Akima, the Master of Void, to the City of Empty Dreams. Each member of the expedition was faced with visions of the past, and Akima was driven mad by what she saw. Revealing herself to be a member of the Sons of Destiny, she attempted to use the power of the city for herself, but was stopped by the other members of the group.
  • The armies of the Crab, Lion and Phoenix Clans fought against those of the Hare, Dragon and Scorpion Clans on the fields surrounding Shiro Usagi. The battle initially went in the favour of the Hare, with the Scorpion general, Bayushi Tenkai, proving to be a much better tactician than Hida Gojiro. However, Gojiro ordered his men

Champions of the Sapphire Throne - 1499 through 1509

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