Daidoji Harrier

Requirements: Agility 4, Air 4, Craft: Explosives 3, Hunting (Traps) 3, Stealth 5, Knives 4, Must be Daidoji Family and recruited for membership in the Harriers.
Ref: IH1 179

Rank 1: Move Like Shadows
You lose only half the normal amount of Honor (rounded down) for any dishonorable actions taken on behalf of the Crane Clan. You gain +1k1 bonus to the DR of any rural traps you create (this stacks with the Daidoji Scout techniques, if possible)

Rank 2: Iron Feather
When wearing light or ashigaru armor, or no armor, you may add your Stealth Skill Rank to your Armor TN.

Rank 3: Unforgiving Steel
If you successfully attack a surprised or unaware opponent, or if an opponent takes damage from a rural trap you created, he is Dazed in addition to any other effects of your attack. He may not attempt to recover from the Daze until after the next Reactions stage, and the TN to recover from the Daze is increased by +5.

Daidoji Harrier

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