Kakita Master Artisans

Requirements: Awareness 5, Void 5, At least one Kakita Artisan chosen art Skill must be Rank 8 or higher, if you are trained as Kakita Artisan you must have Great Potential in the Skill of one of your chosen arts. If you are not trained as a Kakita Artisan, you must be a Crane with both the Prodigy advantage and Great Potential advantage in either Acting, an Artisan skill, or a Perform skill. This single skill becomes your chosen art for the purposes of this school’s techniques.
Ref: GC 73

Rank 1: The Master’s Touch
You may attempt to create such a work or performance with a chosen art Skill roll at TN 40. A success results in a creation or performance that awes everyone who witnesses its first public appearance. You gain 5 points of Glory, +1 additional point of Glory for each Raise called on the roll. Everyone in the audience at the art’s unveiling / performance gains one bonus Void Point (which can exceed their normal maximum) for the next 24 hours; if you successfully called at least 4 Raises on the roll, they gain two bonus Void Points instead. (The effects of this technique cannot stack.)

Rank 2: Mastery Unbound
You gain a bonus of +2k0 with your chosen art Skill rolls. If you are trained as a Kakita Artisan, you may select a third chosen art from your School Skills.

Rank 3: The Perfect Art
Once per month when creating a work or performance with one of your chosen arts, you may spend two Void Points and then roll [chosen art] / Awareness at TN 50. With a success, the art comes to life— birds fly off a painting, the characters of a play manifest on the stage, the statue of a Fortune comes to life, and so forth. The specific nature of the manifestation, and what action it takes after appearing, is chosen by the GM—but it will always be helpful to you, and will usually be something aweinspiring and extraordinary. The manifestation normally lasts only a few minutes, but if you successfully call four Raises on the skill roll it will last for one hour.

Kakita Master Artisans

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